Policy paper entitled “Sustainable Blue Economy 2030 – Emerging Challenges and Prospects“

This paper is part of a series of policy papers produced by CMMI that address major - large scale - issues with short-, medium- and long-term impact. The aim of this specific document is, on one hand, to highlight the importance of the Blue Economy for the development of Cyprus, so that policymakers can include the Blue Economy in their strategic and political priorities and on the other hand, to assist all stakeholders and the public in general in making documented decisions relating to the Blue Economy.

The Institute utilizes the European dimension as a starting point (priorities and directions as reflected in the strategies and policies of the EU concerning the wider Blue Economy) seeking the creative "translation" and promotion of Cyprus data, in the light of the particular -identical and non-identical - characteristics of the country. More comparatively, based on the political priorities set by the international and European community, the Blue Economy faces a series of challenges, which at the same time represent opportunities for further development.

These concern the promotion of green transport, the development and utilization of renewable energy sources, the production of healthy food, the development and implementation of innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, as well as the development of specialized human resources capable of coping with the demands of the so-called Twin Transition (decarbonisation and use of digital technologies). Cyprus cannot and should not be isolated from these developments.

As an island state, we must harness the potential of the Blue Economy, help it adapt to new trends and respond to emerging perspectives that are taking shape both on European and international level, in order to become more resilient, competitive and sustainable. CMMI's proposals for Cyprus, drawn up by CMMI, are accessible and available from July 7th 2022, on the organisation's website.

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