Limassol’s 3rd Technical and Vocational School for Education and Training

Limassol’s 3rd Technical and Vocational School for Education and Training, operating under the Directorate of Secondary Technical and Vocational Education and Training, aims to address the impact of the financial crisis and develop a qualified, appropriately trained and flexible human resources. Its vision is to implement a curriculum that responds to the current and future needs of the Cypriot economy and society. Through the education of pupils (of both genders) in basic skills, as well as in specialized professional knowledge, it aims to create a suitable background for further study. Students have the option of choosing the area and the specialty, which are offered in two directions, theoretical and practical. 

In Theoretical Direction
- Department of Electrical and Electronic Applications
Computers, Networks and Communications
- Design, Construction and Decoration
Graphic Arts and Multimedia
Interior Design and Decoration
- Agriculture sector
Agriculture, Bio-crops and Innovative Crops
- Hotels and Catering
Operation of Hotel and Food Units

In Practical Direction
- Department of Electrical and Electronic Applications
- Technician of Electronic Installations and Automation
- Computer, Networking and Communications Technician
- Home Appliance, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician
- Design, Construction and Decoration
- Graphic arts
- Agriculture sector - Production of Agricultural and Livestock Products
- Hotel Occupations and Catering
- Cooks – waiters 

Theoretical direction places particular emphasis on the technology-related courses of the Sector, while the Practical direction focuses on laboratory courses.. In both directions, students are provided with the opportunity to continue their studies at Higher Education Institutions or to work after graduation in their chosen specialty. During the current school year, particular importance is attached to the interaction students with Industry and the development of relevant skills. To that end, the school participates in European Programs in cooperation with schools in other countries, such as Greece, Germany, Spain, France, Iceland, Poland, Croatia. Students visit these countries accompanied by school teachers and obtain, in addition to experience, professional skills as well. Professional skills are also enhanced through the participation of many pupils in European and Cypriot competitions, often times with distinction. At the same time, in the context of environmental education, as well as a relevant European program, landscaping is being done and by the end of the current school year a total of 350 indigenous trees will be planted, in addition to a herb garden that is already in place. 

In addition, there are afternoon classes on Lifelong Vocational Education and Training Programs , which are aimed at adults who wish to be trained in technical matters, to meet the needs of the labor market. On offer are three-year degree programs related to Hotel (Cooking-Waitering) and Silvery / Gold jewelry, as well as one-year programs related to Cooking, Pastry, Cypriot Cuisine, International Cuisine, Bar flambé, ECDL, Decoration, Silverware / Goldsmithing, the Fluoride Refrigerant Users Certification Program and Home Appliances. Students receive a certificate of attendance in these programs. 

Also operating in that same school, again under the  Vocational Education and Training and in afternoon study, is the Public School of Higher Vocational Education and Training. The latter are aimed at citizens of the Republic of Cyprus who wish to improve or upgrade their professional qualifications and skills in order to make them more efficient and effective for employment and participation in the Cypriot and European labor markets. They offer curricula related to Bakery, Pastry, Computer and Communications Networks, Electromechanical-Cooling Facilities in Industry, CNC Technology-Carpentry, Organic Gardening and Crop-Farming, purchasing and Supply Management/Shipping and Dairy and Cheese making. Upon successful completion of the curricula, a two-year Certificate of Higher Education is awarded. 

Continuing this important project, the 3rd Technical School in conjunction with the upgrading of Technical Education and following the huge demand for staff in the Hotel Occupation and Catering Sectors will inaugurate and operate two new Waitering Labs, two Cookery Labs. The inauguration will be held by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, Prodromos Prodromou on Friday, April 3, 2020, at 5:00 pm. 

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