Palodia ‘’educational pole’’ to host University of Limassol, and not only

The educational zone being developed in Palodia will host a higher educational institution in the coming years, since the University of Limassol, which begins its operation in the Autumn, has initiated the procedures to create new infrastructure, with student residences and other facilities, on the Limassol- Platres road, opposite the Heritage private school. The University of Limassol is essentially the evolution of the first recognized postgraduate Business School in Cyprus, CIIM, and its administration hopes that the building facilities in Palodia, which will constitute a modern campus with student residences, will be in place by 2026.

Palodia Community head, Pambos Zorbas, told "Entrepreneurial Limassol" that the procedures for licensing the first phase of the project, which concerns infrastructure, have begun, indicating that these are time-consuming. He pointed out that Palodia will also benefit from this, since, he said, it has long been keen on promoting educational premises in terms of construction in the area, instead of what he referred to as other "undesirable situations".

Mr. Zorbas emphasized that the goal is to make Palodia a high-level training and education centre. Regarding The Island Private School of Limassol, which is already operating in temporary buildings erected in record time, construction of the permanent facilities is already under way, next to the existing ones. At the same time, a bigger project with various infrastructures is also planned in the area, which will involve to what actually amounts to a community settlement, which, as Mr. Zorbas characteristically told us, "will not be smaller than the community of Palodia [itself]".

The community head also mentioned that various consultations and contacts are being made so that the community can help others too to invest in the field of education in the region and that there are other interested parties. He also said that the construction of another school near the community's primary school, namely the private high school of Agios Fanourios, is already underway. Included in Mr. Zorbas’s definition of educational projects is the Multipurpose Centre for education, training and research, as well as an exhibition space promoted in collaboration with interested parties of the Chinese community in Cyprus, with the support of the Chinese embassy, in a location across from Heritage.

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