Ypsonas: the latest for the northern bypass

The Ypsonas  Municipality has received offers for the contract for the preparation of construction plans concerning the temporary configuration of a part of the Northern Bypass, within its area of jurisdiction. The contract is expected to be awarded to private designers within the current, Mayor Pantelis Georgiou told "Entrpreneurial Limassol". "The relevant contract provides for the drawing up of the plans within 6 months and if the Ministry of the Interior proceeds in time with the necessary expropriations, tenders for construction will be announced in September or October 2023", according to the Mayor.

The cost of the contract for drawing up the plans amounts to €60,000, while this temporary solution is estimated to cost two and a half million euro. As Pantelis Georgiou explained to us, the extension of Patriarchi Ierosolimon Street, which is included in the project, will take its final form, while the rest, which will take a temporary form, will be built in the area that will be occupied by the two lanes of the northern bypass, in its final form.

This temporary road, which will be two-way, will essentially bypass the residential area of ​​Agios Silas. The need for its construction, the Mayor indicated, arose from the fact that a huge number of trucks (400-500 per day) pass through this residential area, with all the risks, noise and other problems that this entails. Pantelis Georgiou pointed out, however, that because new large projects are imminent in the Industrial area of ​​Agios Silas, this interim solution cannot meet long-term needs.

That is why, he added, the Minister of Transport has given the green light to the Local Authority to simultaneously design the rest of the northern bypass with a separate contract, so that in five years it too will be ready for implementation. Following this development, the Ypsonas Municipality is preparing to call for tenders for topographic works, along the entire length of the road, which will extend from Nikias Avenue in Kato Polemidia, to the Vounaros area in Ypsonas.

According to Mr. Georgiou, a commitment has been secured from the government that it will cover 80% of the cost, and the rest will be paid by the two municipalities. The northern bypass between Ypsonas and Polemidia will be four-way, with sidewalks, tree plantings and a bicycle path.

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