Limassol Chamber 60 years on - Press Conference

This year the Limassol Chamber of Commerce & Industry completes sixty years of life, support to entrepreneurship and to the development of the city and district of Limassol, and on this occasion the LCCI President, Andreas Tsouloftas, gave a press conference. Addressing the representatives of the mass media, Mr. Tsouloftas made a brief reference to the historical course of the Chamber, noting that in this course there have always been great partners, including the Limassol journalists. He thanked the journalists for promoting the work of the Chamber, both over time and during the present anniversary year.

He subsequently answered questions from the journalists present at the press conference, not only about the historic event of the 60 years, but also about the current economic situation, especially as it has been shaped by the continuous upward trend in prices and the ramifications of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. Mr. Tsouloftas was flanked by the sponsors of the 60th anniversary events, representatives of the companies Alpha Mega, Bank of Cyprus and PWC, to whom the President of the Chamber expressed many thanks for their support.

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