SHSO, CUT keen on joint medical centre

Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) Rector, Panagiotis Zafiris, expressed confidence that the way will be found for the creation of a model Health Centre in Limassol by the State Health Services Organization (SHSO) and the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), adding that in meetings so far between the two, some progress has been achieved, although several public services are involved in the process, which makes it more complex. 

The Rector also said that CUT will have no problem announcing an architectural competition for the entire project. He pointed out, moreover, that the relevant CUT proposal has already done away with the stalemate that existed for years regarding the development of the university in the Pole B’, in the premises of the old hospital and the First Technical School, the building of which will be granted to CUT, once the new Technical School premises under construction in Kato Polemidia is delivered.

He reiterated that the aim is to create a health hub that will include the homonymous School and a Health Centre that will be co-managed with the Cyprus Health Organization, so that there will be synergies with the Departments of the university, in order to provide better services to the citizens of Limassol. The Cyprus Health Organization and the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) have established a bilateral Technical Committee with a mandate to conclude on the details of cooperation for the creation of a modern health centre of the SHSO capable of coping with the increased needs of Limassol citizens and at the same time a centre that will promote the academic work, research and excellence that CUT stands for through a single master plan that will be hammered out,  as recently reported by Kanali 6, based on information from the Cyprus Public Health Organization.

On behalf of CUT, architects and other administrative executives of the Property Management Service participate in the Technical Committee, along with academic executives of the School of Health Sciences, with a view to recording the needs. The Committee is expected to hold meetings on a regular basis. According to the SHSO, at this stage, and given that other services of both the Ministry of Health and other Non-Governmental Organizations are co-located in the area of the old Limassol hospital, a study is being carried out by the co-competent ministries, so that any transitional stage that will be required for the creation of the new infrastructure, will not disrupt the provision of existing services.

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