Upgrading the Limassol Archaeological Museum - In the pipeline, at long last

Implementation is thought to be imminent for the much-awaited upgrade of the Limassol Archaeological Museum, a project that has been planned for the past ten years, but was time and again postponed constantly, especially in the wake of the financial crisis. The project will now to include the energy upgrade of the building. Speaking to Entrepreneurial Limassol, Antiquities Commissioner Despo Pileidou said a recent request was made to integrate the museum's energy upgrade into a co-financed European Union program, to make the building largely energy self-sufficient.

At the same time, there is an ongoing study, by private sector specialists, on upgrading electrical and mechanical installations, in order for the museum to be in line with new technologies and compliant with building regulations. The progress made in the preparation of the studies has recently come under review examined by the departments involved (Department of Antiquities, Electromechanical Services, Department of Public Works), for a project which has for many years featured prominently in the lobbying priorities of the Limassol Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

The €1.4 million museum study, which was commissioned nine years ago by the Department of Antiquities, envisions the complete reorganization of the exhibition grounds, based on new archaeological data and the installation of modern equipment and lighting. Planned among others, are interactive and digital multimedia installations, staging of exhibits in line with new museum concepts, and radical renovation of the sale point. Implementation of the project was announced two years ago by the President of the Republic, who said museum upgrade would be in place by 2020. However, this timetable looks very optimistic, as studies are not expected to be completed immediately. On the other hand, the required budget for the project, has ben available for the past two years. 


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