Mature projects in Limassol communities delayed - Stumble upon bureaucracy

Major projects in Limassol district communities are still awaiting implementation, hindered for the time being by what local community heads describe to ‘’Entrepreneurial Limassol’’ as too much bureaucracy. A case in point is the redevelopment of the central square and adjacent streets in Pelendri. Plans for this €620,000 project, which is included in the President's announcements from 2017, are ready, but the project itself is not yet started, as the Town Planning Department has not yet prepared the necessary bidding documents, citing undestaffing as the reason for the delay.

‘’We are hopeful’’, Pelendri Community Council President Nicolas Patsiouros told "’Entrepreneurial Limassol "that the project will start in early 2020. Problems are also seen in the construction of a community bypass road, costing €2.56 million. The project was left in the middle due to the contractor's disagreement with the Department of Public Works, with the result that the contract was terminated. A major delay is also seen in the redevelopment of the historic Kolossi community center, which will link the Castle to the traditional core of the community and the Temple of Apostolos Loucas, creating what is expected to be a major tourist attraction.

The contract for the project was signed as far back as 2011, but it has not yet begun because the Community authority at the time was unable to pay the developer. The case was brought before the courts and the €4 million project was subsequently suspended due to the financial crisis. Speaking to ‘’Entrepreneurial Limassol’’, Community Council President Locas Genethliou, said this was a Town Planning project with state contribution accounting for 90%. ‘’We seek to integrate that into the state budget and at the same reach a settlement with the contractor, in order for the project to finally begin’’, Mr. Genethliou pointed out. 

Similar issues are faced by the Akrotiri community council. The redevelopment of Community Square, a project with secured funding, was announced, but as Community Council President George Stylianou mentioned, it was frozen after two of the three companies that submitted bids filed objections with to the Tenders Review Authority. On the other hand, securing financial support is the key to promoting the renovation of the square in the traditional Parekklisia center. The community is also calling for the promotion of a multi-purpose hall, a total at a cost of €1.5 million, and the construction of an amphitheater in the community park.

The Community Council of Prodromos is also making representations to the Ministry of the Interior to promote the reconstruction of the community square, a vital tourist hub. 
The redevelopment of Sanida's square is pending since 2014, and the land expropriation that has taken place is in danger of being lost. This is a mature low cost project (€60,000 worth), for which both the credits and construction plans have been secured.


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