Post-Graduate Vocational Education and Training Institutes – The Way to the Acquisition of Specialized Professional Skills for Successful Employment

The Post-Graduate Vocational Education and Training Institutes were established in 2012 by a Decision of the Council of Ministers and are public schools, which offer specialized and innovative Vocational Education and Training. They provide citizens of the Republic of Cyprus with the opportunity to acquire, improve or upgrade their professional qualifications and skills to become more efficient and effective and enhance their employability. 

With the continuous expansion of curricula and the equal opportunities they offer, the Institutes are committed to providing access to knowledge, education and training at a higher level. Serving the triptych of knowledge - training - work, they are the bridge that unites post-graduate secondary education with work, continuous training, and, ultimately, society. Especially noteworthy is the fact that the employment rate of Institute graduates exceeds 85% in many programs.

The Institutes are dedicated to meeting the needs of secondary education graduates who do not follow University Education but need appropriate vocational education and training in areas not offered by other Public Schools or Associated Organizations of the Republic, to facilitate access to and integration in the labor market. At the same time, they offer programs for the further promotion of Lifelong Learning, with emphasis on supporting the adaptability of the workforce and the use of new technologies and modern production processes supported by the European Union's Structural Funds.
The prerequisite for participation in programs offered by the Institutes is a Secondary School leaving certificate. The admission is done by filling in electronic applications ( during the summer months, which are evaluated on the basis of a predetermined grading system. Attendance is free of charge for two years and includes technical and laboratory lessons that take place at the premises of Technical Schools throughout the island, and also include six weeks of practice in the industry/enterprises for each year of study. Courses take place in the afternoon and evening, from Monday to Friday.

Study Programmes in Cyprus:
      Bakery - Pastry
      Electromechanical - Cooling Installations in Industry
      Dairy and Cheese making
      Purchasing & Procurement Management - Maritime
      Organic Horticultural Cultures
      Computer and Communication Networks 
      CNC Technology - Woodworking Industry 
      Industrial and Domestic Automation
      Courses available in Limassol:
      Bakery - Pastry
      Electromechanical - Cooling Installations in Industry
      Organic Horticultural Cultures
      Purchasing and Procurement - Maritime


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