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A presentation of the Eratosthenes Center of Excellence was hosted recently at the Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Centre, which is in charge implementing the Excelsior European project (of the Teaming for Excellence) category) will carry out, inter alia, research in areas related to land observation using space technologies and remote sensing, with a view to integrated environmental monitoring.

The presentation of the Center, whose activities are supported by many renowned organizations, including NASA, was made by Excelsior project coordinator Professor Diofantos Hadjimitsis and President of the Cyprus Innovation & Research Association Dr Panagiotis Filimis. Addressing the event, Limassol Chamber President Costas Galatariotis, having commended the work done by the project team, noted that the Chamber's support throughout the effort was and remains given, "not only because of the cooperation protocol that binds the Chamber with the University of Technology ... but also because of the tangible element of innovation that is inherent in the project and the Chamber's conviction that innovation is the key to the economic future of our country. "

Mr. Galatariotis also referred to Cyprus's proven innovation potential, indicated in the success of a number of Cypriot origin of Teaming for Excellence proposals (including Maritec-X in which the Chamber is a partner) and welcomed the advent of the Deputy Ministry of Research Innovation and Digital Policy. In the context of the event, which was also addressed by the Mayor of Limassol Nikos Nikolaidis and the Vice President of the Cyprus University of Technology Nikolas Iordanou, Professor Hadjimitsis presented Mr. Galatariotis with an honorary distinction in appreciation for the Chamber’s unequivocal support to the project.



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