Limassol Chamber Business Barometer Autumn 2019) - Final Results

The business outlook in Limassol remains generally positive, according to the final findings of the Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Barometer for Autumn 2019, a fact highlighted by, among other things, the majority of participating enterprises that are going to proceed with new investments and hiring new staff. Where the whole picture appears to be less promising is in terms of enterprises’ forecast for the future. At this level, although the majority expect things to remain as they are, there is a significant increase in the number of those who are pessimistic about what is likely to come, as opposed to those who expect things will go even better, the number of which is steadily declining.

In lieu of a general conclusion, there is no evidence at all recessionary trend at the level of actual business activity, although such a trend is beginning to appear at the level of expectations for the future. The full, detailed results of the last Barometer, along with comparisons with the corresponding results of Spring 2019 and Autumn 2018, are accessible to any interested party through the Chamber website (


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