Traffic lights at the Agia Fyla roundabout

By March, and after the study is completed, bids for the installation of traffic lights at the Agia Fyla roundabout are expected to be announced as a first measure to alleviate the traffic problem that is plaguing thousands of people. The decision was announced by the new Transport Minister Yiannis Karoussos after a meeting in Limassol to find solutions. As a second measure to address the problem, it was decided to proceed with the construction of the Evagora Lanitis avenue in 2021, to connect April 1 with Yannou Kranidiotis Avenue and the Polemidia junction. Mayor Nikos Nikolaidis stressed that it is also important to launch the work of the northern bypass, namely the east side of Evagora Lanitis, to connect April 1 with Georgiou Kalogeropoulos Street and the intersection of Mesa Gaitonias.

Upon the completion of Evagora Lanitis in both directions, the northern Limassol bypass will be created, which will substantially unblock the highway. It was also requested to promote the design and construction of Andrea Papandreou Avenue to bypass the center of Agia Fyla. With this bypass, all traffic to the Pitsilia communities will also be served. Among the proposals put forward is the creation of an overpass that will connect the streets of Kosti Palamas (south of the motorway) and Ellis Lampeti (north of the motorway), a task which according to a recent study of the Public Works is feasible.

It should be noted that measures should be taken at the same time to address the problem of additional traffic congestion on secondary roads in the area. It was also decided to set up a committee on what was agreed, under the Minister and the Mayor, to monitor implementation. Yiannis Karoussos pointed out that public transport should finally be stepped up and the implementation of the Limassol Sustainable Mobility Plan which is ready and could significantly help to alleviate traffic congestion.


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