K. Xydias Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Kyriakos Xydias: Creating the new ‘Germasogia’

In the promotion of basic infrastructure projects and the upgrading of the tourist area, the Mayor of Germasogeia, Kyriakos Xydias, points out that in combination with the forthcoming private development, the municipality will change radically in the coming years.

Work on the bypass road totaling €4.5 million is in progress, of which 20% will be contributed by the municipality and 80% by the state, while the cost of the coastal pedestrian is €2.6 million, which 1/3 will be paid by the municipality and 2/3 by the Government.

The first phase for the coastal pedestrian zone is expected to be tendered within 2017 to immediately begin the design of the second phase.
At the same time, two small projects are being promoted. One of them is the roundabout at Christaki Kranos road at a cost of €0.5 million. The Department of Public Works is analysing the construction projects and the tendering procedure is expected in early 2018. The second small project concerns the installation of a shelter in the ancient Temple of Prophet Elijah. Due to the fact that archaeological excavations are being carried out in this area, the Department of Antiquities will undertake the construction and protection of the area.

The Great Development
Simultaneously, as Xydias points out, in cooperation with the Department of Urban Planning and the Department of Public Works, a plan for the regeneration of the core of Germasogeia is being prepared, as well as a plan for the creation of a linear park on the Amatos river, connecting the sea with the dam.
"In five to ten years, the municipality will change its image, not only because of infrastructure projects, but also because of the enormous growth expected of individuals," says the Mayor of Germasogeia. As previously mentioned, if the permits concerned are obtained, the area is expected to acquire the following tall buildings: Del Mar, I-100, The Icon and Sky Tower.

Additionally, the municipality gave the opportunity to TEPAK students to be part of this project by helping with ideas on how to further upgrade the tourist area, and bring this beautiful vision to life. "If everyone moves towards the right direction, and is truly commited, in a few years we will be talking about a new Germasogeia, "the mayor said.

In addition, the Mayor of Germasogeia highlights the need to improve the image of the municipality at all levels, as the citizen, visitor and tourist.
He stated "In this context, we are considering a significant increase in funding for road improvement, road redevelopment, asphalt and pavement coatings, and several waste management solutions with the aim of effectively reducing pollution." At the same time, the municipality intends to become stricter regarding issues such as acoustic pollution, as well as illegal construction.

To conclude, the municipality is expecting the proposal’s delivery very soon, and is committed to put words into actions for a better future in Germasogeia, regardless the hard work that needs to be done to achieve this.


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