New Olympic swimming pool in Berengaria area

The construction of the new Limassol Olympic Swimming Pool, in the former British settlement of Berengaria in Polemidia, will be announced shortly and officially by the President of the Republic, sources familiar with the matter told "Entrepreneurial Limassol ".  Final decisions are expected to be formalized following a meeting of the President with the departments involved and the Ministry of Finance green light to release the necessary funds. The plan is being studied out of the spotlight by the Cyprus Sports Organizattion, the Polemidia Municipality, the Limassol Nautical Club and the Ministry of Education.

To this end, a techno-economic study has been carried out, based on which the project cost will reach €3,9 million and architectural planning has already begun. The project, which will be fully in line woith Olympic standards, will be built on a site covering an area of ​​6,7 thousand square meters. It will include a 50- and 25-meter swimming pool, support rooms and spectators’ stands. It will be able to host international events and ensure accessibility for people with disabilities. For the implementation of the project, the Cyprus Sports Organization is expected to contribute a significant amount, said to be in excess of €1 million.

Meanwhile, in the near future, the Department of Town Planning and Housing is expected to present to the Council of Ministers the final master plan of the area of ​​260,000 sq.m. in order to facilitate its optimum exploitation.The Cyprus University of Technology plans to build accommodation facilities for some 450 students there, setting the stage for the completion of a four-year project, including sports facilities, laboratories and research centers. For its part, the Municipality of Polemidia promotes the construction of a new 40,000 square meter town hall and municipal park. Regarding the asbestos that was extensively used in the old Berengaria settlement, this has been completely removed, according to Mayor Nicos Anastasiou, while the removal of all remaining debris from the area is expected to be completed by Christmas. 


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