The Post-Secondary Institutes of Vocational Education and Training 2019-2020

Studies in Organic Horticultural Crops 
Studies in Organic Horticulture (a two-year program leading to the award of a recognized diploma) by the Post-Secondary Institutes of Vocational Education and Training began in the academic year 2016-17 and continues with great success. The high level of the curriculum, the state-of-the-art greenhouse facilities in the 3rd Technical School and the experimental field required for organic horticulture allow for the students to do what is required in terms of the production of organic products, always in accordance with the principles and methods applied in organic farming, using a range of techniques that help preserve ecosystems and protect the environment. 

This field of study has made part over the last few years , of international education programs (such as Erasmus+), including:
- Organic Agriculture in Thessaloniki, hosted by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Agricultural Economics 
- In Crete (Sitia Geopark) organized by the Cyprus Organic Farmers Association, from 15 to 22 January 2017. 
- In Thessaloniki in October 2017, organized by Cyprus Agro Industry Center LTD Nicosia, funded by the EU (2014-2020 Agricultural Development Programs of the Ministry of Agriculture of Cyprus) as part of an exchange of experiences on the topic: "Beekeeping - Winery" and "Aromatic Plants". 

The Organic Horticulture Program has developed educational collaborations (participation in workshops) with social stakehpolders such as the Cyprus Organic Farmers Association, KEGE (Center for Farmers Training) at the District Agricultural Office and the Cyprus Agricultural Council. At the end of each academic year, the Post-Secondary Institutes of Vocational Education and Training organizes an Open Day at the premises of the 3rd Technical School in Limassol during which visitors are informed and guided to the facilities of the Organic Vegetable and Cultivation Curriculum.

Course graduates also have access to a pertinent online platform ,  the purpose of which is to facilitate students in finding a job and, respectively, to facilitate employers in finding qualified staff. Finally, it is possible to keep track of the graduates' professional development, as well as the acquisition of additional qualifications, by the information they enter on their profile. As part of its social work, the Department of Organic Horticulture undertakes the cultivation of the grounds of the Theotokos Foundation in Limassol as well as the establishment of a vegetable garden on the site, thereby supplying the foundation's dining area. 


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